Du chœur à l’ouvrage

« A great success, full of inventiveness and jubilation. The musical material is splendid and hold us spellbound during all the performance. The most impressive remains the children who hold the stage masterfully alternating soli and tutti. You have to see it! »

Curieux de nature

(Français) Concert in situ pour percussions, électronique et objets sonores joués par le public. Création pour le site de Naune-Raze, commune de Chorges (Hautes-Alpes).

Sur tes gardes

creation for bass clarinet, electronics and civil protection siren [English title: ON YOUR GUARD] CREATION 6 November 2013, Parvis de l’Opéra de Marseille – As part of Sirènes et midi net, urban ritual by Lieux Publics (France) with Mathieu Fèvre, bass clarinet conception and music Benjamin Dupé | set design Olivier Thomas « When I…

visuel Duende eléctrico

Duende eléctrico

“Something between rock music the instrument casually evokes, and a Sequenza for electric guitar Berio wouldn’t have bothered to write.” Zibeline, monthly cultural magazine