Comme je l’entends (As I hear it) – radio opera

visuel comme je l'entendsmusic and libretto • Benjamin Dupé
flute Mié Ogura · clarinets Mathieu Fèvre · accordion Pascal Contet · guitar and piano Benjamin Dupé · violin Irène Lecoq ·
double bass Bruno Chevillon
based on the testimonials and with the voices of some listeners
commissioned by Radio France (Direction de la musique) for the “Prix Italia” in Turin (september 2010)

broadcast • 08 February 2012 - GMEM, Marseille • 22 November 2010 - France Musique, émission les Lundis de la contemporaine • 19 September 2010 - France Culture, émission l'Atelier de Création Radiophonique 

«To compose As I hear it (Comme je l’entends), I first assembled listeners, with backgrounds as diverse as they were untrained in contemporary music. I asked them to lend their ears to my tastes, to my research, to my sound obsessions. They talked about my music, freely, as they heard it, and I recorded them. I considered the sum of their commentaries and reactions as a musical instrument, with its own acoustic set of rules, as well as a libretto carrying a dramaturgy of its own. A sincere and often funny dialogue between my music and their words, As I hear it is above all a proposition for a space: where one invents him/herself in listening.»

+ download the dossier (pdf), including english translation of the libretto
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+ Comme je l’entends (As I hear it) is also a performance you can discover here