Benjamin Dupé composer & stage director

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La presse sur les collaborations artistiques
La presse sur les collaborations artistiques

Au bois dormant (Sleeping minds)
Au bois dormantAu bois dormant (Sleeping minds)

“Tears are shed inside. It’s a show about autism. Or better, about the sorrow of loving those who switched off, and live on the other side of reason, communication, verbalisation. Without ever judging the causes, conditions and possible treatments of the mental disease evoked, « Au bois dormant (Sleeping minds) » propose modest and real bridges and roads.” [Agnès Freschel]


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Coming soon !

    Creations concert with Apt music school

    Saturday 29 June 2019 | 8:30 PM (time to be confirmed)
    Vélo Théâtre - Apt