Benjamin Dupé composer & stage director

Mots-Clefs ‘ ;radiophony ·’
Ghost, light rolling, …
Fantôme, un léger roulement, ...Ghost, light rolling, ...

A musical composition for fixed sounds, mechanical instruments and remote controlled resonant objects · played in immersion · inspired by Orpheus’s myth…

Comme je l’entends (As I hear it) – radio opera
Comme je l'entends - opéra radiophoniqueComme je l'entends (As I hear it) - radio opera

A radio musical piece based on the testimonials of some contemporary music listeners…

Chroniques radio sur “Fantôme, (…)”
Chroniques radio sur "Fantôme, (...)"


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Coming soon !

    Creations concert with Apt music school

    Saturday 29 June 2019 | 8:30 PM (time to be confirmed)
    Vélo Théâtre - Apt