Sur tes gardes

Creation for bass clarinet, electronics and civil protection siren.
[English title: ON YOUR GUARD]

CREATION 6 November 2013, Parvis de l’Opéra de Marseille – As part of Sirènes et midi net, urban ritual by Lieux Publics (France)

with Mathieu Fèvre, bass clarinet
Conception and music Benjamin Dupé | Set design Olivier Thomas

« When I was studying writing at the Conservatoire, an endless collection of exercises taught us to harmonise, starting from a bass or a melody. It is with a little thought for these notebooks, soberly entitled 380 basses and given songs, that I am now taking as a ‘given song’ a simple warning signal, whose main frequency is, strangely enough, 380 Hertz.
Written under the ominous guardianship of the number 380, On your guard [Sur tes gardes] is an alert piece: cheerful, lively, agile. A virtuoso bass clarinet player will be heard moving through the sound space of the opera house. Perhaps he will bring out other sonic coincidences from this “given field”… »

Commissioned by Lieux Publics, national centre and European centre for creation in the public space | With the support of gmem-cncm-Marseille

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