The musical invention and free improvisation workshop


To invent – etymologically in French  “to dis-cover, come up with” – being taken in that meaning, musical invention is a process relying as well on the acquired knowledges of a trained musician (instrumental technique, knowledge of a repertoire) as on the potential of particular expression each music player bears in himself. Between improvisation and writing, musical invention is first of all working on the living and listening, a well known practice for theatre artits or contemporary dancers, but paradoxically less done by musicians. The discovery of a here and now when musicians sound by themselves, the awareness of the expressive possibilities of sound, without aesthetic limits, at last the attention paid to others, not in general but moved by precise listening tools, those are the basic stakes of it.
The aim of this workshop is less to train improvisers or composers as lead to a wider reflection on the craftmanship of the musician, that makes possible multiple musical playing, whatever the stage on an innovating scale, but always being strict and demanding.
At the end of the workshop, the musical material, built little by little during the sessions, appears extremely alive, joining the virtues of improvisation (a precise work on sound) to those of writing (a formal requirement).This music has the strength of a collective creation, in which each musician brought, interrogated, went thoroughly into his musical self and position regarding the other one. Which makes of the process a musical, but humane too, adventure.


traces, experiments
•  1-2 November 2010 – musical invention workshop La Pépinière Studio in Gap •  5-6 December 2009 – musical invention workshop, corealisation Espace Babylone/ Le Cadran theatre in Briançon •  Winter 2006 – training, direction and conception of musics for an instrumental ensemble at Lyon-2 CFMI, included in the show Antigone Orchestra by Sphota group ( GRAME  Musiques en Scène  – biennal) • 2004/2005 – teacher in musical invention at Orsay CFMI • 2002/2005 – teacher of improvisation and musical invention at Lille-3 CFMI and artistic co-direction of the performance L’enfant dans son temps musical • teacher in generative improvisation at ADIAM 78 for music teachers’s training course