Benjamin Dupé composer & stage director

Erich von Stroheim

stage music

text Christophe Pellet (published by L’Arche Éditeur) • staging Renaud Marie Leblanc (company Didascalies and co) • music Benjamin Dupé
scenography Olivier Thomas • lights Erwan Collet • video Thomas Fourneau
with Guillaume Clausse · Marie Dompnier · Julien Duval

“Three drifting young people cling on the world. Through sixteen micro-slices of life, The One, The Other and She depict an unconcerned generation and mirror a certain economic, social and sexual state of our time. The text leads their bodies into void, desire, imposture. A black theatrical space that integrates music and video, like a poetic writing of the real world… where the intimate becomes political.”

+ listen to an extract from the musical universe of “Erich Von Stroheim”

+ diffusion • 17 December 2010 - Le Merlan - Marseille • 16 December 2010 - Le Merlan - Marseille • 15 December 2010 - Le Merlan - Marseille • 11 December 2010 - Le Merlan - Marseille • 10 December 2010 - Le Merlan - Marseille

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