Sphota : release of the CD Zemlia / The Earth

Benjamin Dupé • electric guitar, live electronic
Benjamin de la Fuente
• violin, electric violin, live electronic
Samuel Sighicelli
• electric organ and sampler

Sphota is a trio made up of three composers: Benjamin Dupé, Benjamin de la Fuente and Samuel Sighicelli. Their composition skilfully merges with sound processing.

« Zemlia, The Earth in Russian, is a “silent movie in concert” project, a music irrigated by improvisation and then carefully organized, recomposed and formalized. A score which, through this combination of violin, electric guitar and keyboards, given singular depth by intricate treatments and electronic effects, and then amplified, gives resonance to the images. » David Sanson

Recorded at Radio France, Paris, in 2009
Artistic direction • Elsa Biston
Sound recording • Benjamin Vignal aided by Manuel Couturier
Editing • Benjamin Vignal, Manuel Couturier, Benjamin de la Fuente, Samuel Sighicelli
Distribution • Harmonia Mundi

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