Les matières aussi ont leur caractère

orchestra piece

CREATION on 10 June 2021 – theatre of Caen (France)

with the Orchestre Régional de Normandie
conductor Jean Deroyer | music Benjamin Dupé


The idea of this piece is to use the orchestra to work on textures and sound materials, while tracking down every expressive, and also playful, possibility that this writing induces. This is how small sound objects (a beat, a bounce, a slide…) can become characters, endowed with a character. This is how non-figurative landscapes can become inhabited worlds, with a surprising organisation. This vision, in some ways both abstract and expressionist, seems to me to correspond to the context of this creation. On the one hand, because the attention to the grain of the material can be heard as an echo of the “impressionist” musicians who make up tonight’s programme. On the other hand, because the initial idea contains a promise of embodiment, fun and drama, the piece is in a way a step towards my next collaboration with the Regional Orchestra of Normandy, which this time will take the form of a theatrical and lyrical creation.



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