Le Cabinet fantôme

An educational project of electroacoustic creation and animation of musical automata
[English title: THE SHADOW CABINET]

The ghost cabinet installed at the Conservatoire du Pays d’Apt Luberon in 2019.

artistic director and workshop leader Benjamin Dupé | technical and pedagogical collaboration Marine Termes, Julien Frénois


Based on one of the company’s iconic shows, Fantôme, un léger roulement, et sur la peau tendu qu’est notre tympan (nearly 120 performances since its creation), Le Cabinet fantôme is an action that shares with the students all the creative processes that presided over the development of the show. Through a practical workshop, as close as possible to the concrete material of sound and music, the students put together their own downsized version of the show, which takes the final form of a ghost cabinet. A cabinet of listening and animated curiosities, a fifteen-minute production offering the spectator audience an immersive sound and visual experience. The students go through the artistic questioning (conception, starting idea), approach the principles of musical writing (structuring of the project), discover, manipulate and program small musical automatons (technique, computer science and plastic aspect), learn about sound recording, editing and electroacoustic processing (music and new technologies). Supervised by the company’s professionals (artists, technicians, mediation officer), the students will work on a cross-disciplinary project, touching on a large number of disciplines, all united and polarised around the sense of listening.


Production Comme je l’entends, les productions. 2021 edition of the Cabinet fantôme in the framework of the Fabriques à musique of the SACEM.