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Du chœur à l'ouvrage

France Musique • programme Le concert du soir by Arnaud Merlin (recording in French only)
On the occasion of the revival of the opera Du chœur à l’ouvrage at the Nouveau théâtre de Montreuil, Benjamin Dupé was the guest of the second hour of the programme, for an extensive interview punctuated by musical extracts.

RCF • 18 May 2017 (recording in French only)

Il se trouve que les oreilles n'ont pas de paupières

France Musique • programme La Matinale by Vincent Josse (recording in French only)
Listen to Arnaud Merlin’s column “Au saut du lit” after a performance of the show.

France Musique • programme Le Magazine by Lionel Esparza (recording in French only)
On the occasion of the 2015 Manifeste Festival, Benjamin Dupé was the guest of the second part of the magazine.

France Musique • programme Le Cri du patchwork by Clément Lebrun (recording in French only)
Clément Lebrun follows the rehearsals and the creation in Valenciennes of the show Il se trouve que les oreilles n’ont pas de paupières.
Interviews and musical excerpts make up these two broadcasts of 11 and 18 October 2014, as part of a theme on silence.

France Musique • programme La matinale du samedi – Early morning column by Marie Faucher (recording in French only)
Marie Faucher devotes her column to La Haine de la musique by Pascal Quignard. She looks back at the various musical pieces that the book inspired, notably Il se trouve que les oreilles n’ont pas de paupières.

Fantôme, un léger roulement, et sur la peau tendue qu'est notre tympan

France Musique • programme Le magazine of 3 July 2014, Lionel Esparza (recording in French only)

France Inter • programme Des oreilles plein des yeux of 3 July 2014, interview and extracts (recording in French only)

Radio Grenouille • programme Le mamasque et la plume of 19 May 2012 Review of the show by columnists Patrick Ponce and Roger Simi. (recording in French only) +

France Musique Tapage Nocturne programme of 18 May 2012 By Bruno Letort, with Christian Sebille, director of the Les Musiques festival, and Benjamin Dupé. Musical extracts from the live recording of the show. (recording in French only) +

Radio Grenouille • interview, special broadcast on 7 May 2012 By Marc Voiry, with Benjamin Dupé. Musical excerpts from previous pieces. (recording in French only) +

Comme je l'entends

France MusiqueLe Cri du Patchwork programme of 22 November 2016 (recording in French only)
An interview with Benjamin Dupé by journalist Clément Lebrun, on the occasion of a series of performances of the show Comme je l’entends given on the peniche La POP (formerly Péniche Opéra) in Paris.

France Culture La Vignette programme, 12 February 2013 (recording in French only)
By Aude Lavigne.