Ce [si] n’est pas un son

a collection of musical tableaux for 7 instruments
from age 8
[English title: THIS [B] IS NOT A SOUND]

CREATION on 30 May 2013 – théâtre Antoine Vitez, Aix-en-Provence (France)

with Jeanne Alcaraz, clarinet, voice, accordion | Sophiane Culianez, flutes | Muriel de Mazancourt, accordion | Sabine Dubois, trumpet | Mathieu Hernandez, drums | Léa Platini, clarinet | Fabien Roy, saxophones
artistic direction Benjamin Dupé


 Visiting the playing spaces, proposing of range of the kinds of listening, this musical spring collection is offered to you by the 2013 fellows of Aix-Marseilles University CFMI (Training Centre for Intervening Musicians). A students’collective creation, marking their diploma year, accompanied by composer Benjamin Dupé. 


This [B] is not a sound
is an educational project that implied students at Aix-en-Provence CFMI, from 2011 to 2013. The show was included in their final diploma validation.