This [B] is not a sound

a collection of musical tableaux for 7 instruments
from age 8

music and interpretation | Jeanne Alcaraz (clarinet, voice, accordion) · Sophiane Culianez (flutes) · Muriel De Mazancourt (accordion) · Sabine Dubois (trumpet) · Mathieu Hernandez (drums) · Léa Platini (clarinet) · Fabien Roy (saxophones)
artistic direction | Benjamin Dupé

« Visiting the playing spaces, proposing of range of the kinds of listening, this musical spring collection is offered to you by the 2013 fellows of Aix-Marseilles University CFMI (Training Centre for Intervening Musicians). A students’collective creation, marking their diploma year, accompanied by composer Benjamin Dupé. »

unic creation • May 30 2013 – théâtre Antoine Vitez, Aix-en-Provence

This [B] is not a sound is an educational project that implied students at Aix-en-Provence CFMI, from 2011 to 2013. The show was included in their final diploma validation.