Sur tes gardes

creation for bass clarinet, electronics and civil protection siren
[English title: ON YOUR GUARD]

CREATION 6 November 2013, Parvis de l’Opéra de Marseille – As part of Sirènes et midi net, urban ritual by Lieux Publics (France)

with Mathieu Fèvre, bass clarinet
conception and music Benjamin Dupé | set design Olivier Thomas


When I was studying writing at the Conservatoire, an endless collection of exercises taught us to harmonise, starting from a bass or a melody. It is with a little thought for these notebooks, soberly entitled 380 basses and given songs, that I am now taking as a ‘given song’ a simple warning signal, whose main frequency is, strangely enough, 380 Hertz.
Written under the ominous guardianship of the number 380, On your guard [Sur tes gardes] is an alert piece: cheerful, lively, agile. A virtuoso bass clarinet player will be heard moving through the sound space of the opera house. Perhaps he will bring out other sonic coincidences from this “given field”…


Commissioned by Lieux Publics, national centre and European centre for creation in the public space | With the support of gmem-cncm-Marseille

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