Comme je l’entends – opéra radiophonique

[English title: AS I HEAR IT – RADIO OPERA]

visuel comme je l'entends

based on the testimonials and with the voices of some listeners
Mié Ogura, flute | Mathieu Fèvre, clarinets | Pascal Contet, accordion | Benjamin Dupé, guitar and piano | Irène Lecoq, violin | Bruno Chevillon, double bass
music and libretto Benjamin Dupé


To compose As I hear it (Comme je l’entends), I first assembled listeners, with backgrounds as diverse as they were untrained in contemporary music. I asked them to lend their ears to my tastes, to my research, to my sound obsessions. They talked about my music, freely, as they heard it, and I recorded them. I considered the sum of their commentaries and reactions as a musical instrument, with its own acoustic set of rules, as well as a libretto carrying a dramaturgy of its own. A sincere and often funny dialogue between my music and their words, As I hear it is above all a proposition for a space: where one invents him/herself in listening.


Benjamin Dupé

Commissioned by Radio France (Direction de la musique) for the “Prix Italia” in Turin (september 2010)

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• 8 February 2012 · GMEM – Centre national de création musicale - Marseille
• 22 November 2010 · France Musique - Paris
• 19 September 2010 · France Culture - Paris