Benjamin Dupé composer & stage director

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A Heart-soaring Choir
Du chœur à l'ouvrageA Heart-soaring Choir

[ Creation 2017 ] An Opera for children’s voices and instrumental ensemble, on an original libretto by Marie Desplechin.

Ears have no lids…
Il se trouve que les oreilles...Ears have no lids...

“Ears have no lids as it happens”, a music theatre show with an actor and a string quartet, based on the book “The Hatred of Music” by Pascal Quignard.

Sur tes gardes
Sur tes gardesSur tes gardes

(Français) création pour clarinette basse, électronique et sirène de la protection civile, dans le cadre du rituel urbain inventé par Lieux Publics centre national de création.

Comme je l’entends (As I hear it) – radio opera
Comme je l'entends - opéra radiophoniqueComme je l'entends (As I hear it) - radio opera

A radio musical piece based on the testimonials of some contemporary music listeners…

Duende eléctrico
Duende eléctrico

“Something between rock music the instrument casually evokes, and a Sequenza for electric guitar Berio wouldn’t have bothered to write.” Zibeline, monthly cultural magazine

La guêpe, l’orchidée (The wasp and the orchid)
La guêpe, l'orchidéeLa guêpe, l'orchidée (The wasp and the orchid)

An electroacoustic piece for listening, or dancing…

(Français) Chroniques TV
Chroniques TV

Sphota : release of the CD Zemlia / The Earth
Sphota : sortie du CD Zemlia / La Terre chez SignatureSphota : release of the CD Zemlia / The Earth

« Zemlia, The Earth in Russian, is a “silent movie in concert” project, a music irrigated by improvisation and then carefully organized, recomposed and formalized. A score which, through this combination of violin, electric guitar and keyboards, given singular depth by intricate treatments and electronic effects, and then amplified, gives resonance to the images. » David Sanson

(Français) Chroniques radio sur “Il se trouve que les oreilles…”
Chroniques radio sur "Il se trouve que les oreilles..."


Chroniques radio sur “Fantôme, (…)”
Chroniques radio sur "Fantôme, (...)"

Chroniques radio sur “Comme je l’entends”
Chroniques radio sur "Comme je l'entends"Chroniques radio sur "Comme je l'entends"

Erich von Stroheim

Text by Christophe Pellet, musical creation for Renaud Marie Leblanc’s staging.